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    ClinView® is a data-driven, collaborative, and enterprise-wide business intelligence and clinical performance management platform used to improve clinical quality and clinical integration across the continuum of care. Data is transformed to be easily understood, highly actionable and multi-dimensional.

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    Leadership now has a visual, interactive platform that streamlines data from all sources into one, interprets it and provides actionable insights. Executives can monitor clinical performance and clinical quality measures, results and outcomes, ultimately decreasing costs and maximizing revenue opportunities.

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    ClinView® can be used to influence practice patterns and decisions across the continuum of care, guide strategic planning and reduce critical healthcare compliance risks. Executives can track key health performance indicators and implement sustainable performance improvements, thereby enhancing margins for the long-term. Clients see an average ROI of 7:1.

    The ClinView® Clinical Dashboard

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Transforming The Way You Lead

ClinView® is a clinical performance management, collaborative and clinical data management and discovery tool that delivers key performance insights for healthcare management to support them in making informed and timely decisions. With a visual, interactive interface, leadership now has access to the clinical data all in one place to drive performance improvements in operations, clinical quality and system processes.  ClinView® is brought to you by Clinical Intelligence, a top healthcare consulting firm focused on care management, clinical performance improvement, clinical decision support and clinical integration.

ClinView®’s software reduces time spent on big data continuum by 20%, executives can now focus 80% of their time on mission critical items and actions that lead to greater results.

ClinView® is used across the country by major

  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Health Plans
  • Physician Practices/Clinics

ClinView® helps healthcare organizations leverage data to:

  • Improve continuum management
  • Navigate big data to identify healthcare key performance indicators and opportunities
  • Tackle health system performance issues with a collaborative care approach
  • Ensure tight length of stay control and patient throughput
  • Guide strategic planning
  • Reduce healthcare compliance exposure and maintain standards with HIPAA Statute and Rules
  • Influence practice patterns to reduce clinical variation
  • Tool for measuring case management effectiveness and value
  • Yield economic impact and lost revenue
  • Maximize success of electronic health records software and cloud based EHR
  • Serve as an integration tool for accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks
  • Assist with clinical decision support and optimizing clinical analytics
  • Enhance clinical information systems and clinical documentation improvement results
  • Streamline with trending cloud-based applications